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career events


company presentation

Impress our members with all that your company has to of-fer as a prospective employer and show them the attractive opportunities available in your sector.

Give our members the opportunity to take part in a real-life scenario from your daily work. Let them work on one of your company cases and have them develop solution strategies in groups.

Provide our members with priceless insights into your company and the sector in which you are operating in. Describe your business culture and highlight the attractive career opportunities offered.

company dinner

social events

Take the chance to get to know our members better in an informal setting and connect with them on a more personal level by choosing a select group of students and invite them to dinner.

We want to bring together like-minded individuals interested in design, branding and communication while offering a platform for enthusiastic students where new ideas can unfold.



  • Facebook - Weiß, Kreis,
  • Instagram - Weiß Kreis
  • LinkedIn - Weiß, Kreis,